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Ithaka vs. Aqua: What are the Pros and Cons?
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#1 (permalink)      6/12/2014 8:49:49 PM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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Ithaka vs. Aqua: What are the Pros and Cons?
I'm caught between this Ithaka or the Aqua. I've been a huge fan of my Kayfun 3.1, but want easier dual coil capability.

I was originally leaning towards the Ithaka so that I could get an extra coil head [from the iSmoka Magoo]. That way I could have a backup coil built and ready for when my coil burns out and I don't have time to rebuild it.

But now it's seeming like the Aqua is just so much simpler. Maybe someday they'll offer replacement bases/coil platforms, just so that I can have an extra coil built and ready to go in case of urgencies.
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I can't speak for the Ithaka but I do own an Aqua , I really love the vape off of it but it's only draw back is the juice capacity . It's not the easiest to rebuild because there are no post holes which would make it easier when building your duals but once you're used to it it's fine. The Fogger is very much like the Aqua and holds a lot more juice so if capacity is a factor I'd look at the Fogger as well.
PS...building duals in a Kayfun gives a really nice vape especially when you've drilled out the air hole.
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Ithaka is not for everyone. If you prefer microcoil+cotton or are averse to using NR wire then you should choose the Aqua.

I don't own an Aqua but I love my Ithaka.

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Snorkelwhacker I have a very very tight draw, any suggestions?