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Great look, but poor smoking performance (need help)
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#11 (permalink)      10/3/2013 7:43:21 AM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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the reason the ohms are jumping is your having shorts

sounds like you connected the negative wire down the ceramic cup side and the positive wire down the metal side

make sure the positive wire (lower connection point is not touching any metal part only the connection point

to start with just do 1 single coil wrapped around 2 3m wicks so it makes x

the single coil can be excellent

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#12 (permalink)      10/3/2013 10:46:31 AM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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Nope, the "metal" end was connected to the upper connector point, the "ceramic" one was connected to lower..
I am totally sure this was not the point.

The guy at the local ecig shop confirmed that anyhow (they all thee use ithaka or clones).

He did a single coil X shaped for me (well I did this under his instructions:)) and IT WORKS now (at least), but I am not totally satisied with the vape. There is someting missing, at least it is different from what I am used to (I LOVE eternity).

Anyhow I love the way the ithaka looks. I will try to make my coil using silver balls to join res and non res wires (maybe thats the point. It significially reduces the lenght of the kanthal wire (so overall resistance), but will try to do a dual coil setup.

What is important - they told me the coild in dual coil setup X shaped can not touch each other - can you confirm? If yes - how to achieve that? The coils touched each other in my setup I did yesterday, might that be a reason?

Anyhow - for now I am going to use the coil that works. After it is gone, will try to make a dual. And hope it will satify my fully (for now I would prefer eternity)
#13 (permalink)      10/3/2013 11:49:59 AM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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+1 details
try to find some pre made wires there's load's of webshops selling them as the join can be pain

if you manage to get the ithaka setup right even in single coil it's great I think it's the join bet the silver & kanthal that likely causing problems

maybe try some nickel it's has more strength than silver

but really when I first started using these type setup's I hated them for a while until I found certain ways that worked for me to join the coils

I don't let my coils touch in a dual x wick I place the first wick coil across then I place a piece of wick with no coil on it across the other way then place you second coil on top of the wick with no coil push It down with your thumb connect all the tails to the pos & neg connectors then cut the wick with no coil on it right at the top level with the cup holder thread so it's just between the coils

but you can do it with them touching each other just put the first coil across and then the second across push it down with you thumb

test the coils ohm's and pulse fire (both ways do this) to see if it all looks ok before putting the whole tank together

try to get use to using the juice controller as this can make a big difference

keep trying they can be great atty's

vape on
#14 (permalink)      10/6/2013 9:42:17 AM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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Zombie, could you explain me how to add some juice in the ithaka without having of overflowing or gorgles ? because with the pressure of the air when I re-screw the combustion chamber finds itself often flooded , thanks.
#15 (permalink)      10/8/2013 4:31:48 PM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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Make sure the self feeding slots are unaligned and totally screwed down tight and screw the mouthpiece tight as well. I had that problem with the authentic ithaka and took a few attempts to figure it out. Hope that helps.
#16 (permalink)      10/23/2013 1:48:16 AM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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With the "x" set up, u can put a free floating wick in the middle. Kind of a sandwich. It's basicallya non-coiled wick in the middle of 2 coiled wicks. The free floating wick would just be enough to make sure the wires don't touch. Check out PBUSARDO's vid on you tube.