neo71665 wrote:

look up harbor freight tools. I reload for my guns so I have 3 of their larger cleaners for cleaning brass and they work great. You can find coupons for 20 or 25% off in just about every magazine out there. Picking up one of the smaller units next time I'm there (the store is one hour away) just for vape gear.Maybe the mods reading this will take a hint and get one on here.

If you reload and have a vibratory brass cleaner, it's an excellent way to get stuck components apart. I once had a Kayfun AFC screw back out and get stuck on the air cuts on the cap of a mod. I chucked the base/cap combo in my Lee Turbo, and left it there for half an hour. When I came back to check it, the two had shaken themselves apart, and we're nice and shiny as an added bonus. I quite often throw a brass or copper mod in with Lee crushed walnut shells and jewellers rouge media, and it brings them up a treat. Plus the noise is marginally less annoying than my ultrasonic.