revmp wrote:

Sometimes use 91% isopropyl, too. Not for a full bath type cleaning, more for spot cleaning. Evaporates in no time. A quick rinse or wipe takes care of any possibility of residue. The state I live in prohibits the sale of Everclear type spirits, so that option is off the table for me, if I were inclined to pursue it. I do rather covet an ultrasonic cleaner, though. Can a decent vape-gear-cleaning sized one be had for under $50?

look up harbor freight tools. I reload for my guns so I have 3 of their larger cleaners for cleaning brass and they work great. You can find coupons for 20 or 25% off in just about every magazine out there. Picking up one of the smaller units next time I'm there (the store is one hour away) just for vape gear.

Maybe the mods reading this will take a hint and get one on here.