It says 1.6 ohm because it comes prebuilt with a 1.6 ohm wick and coil already in it. E: you can use any resistance you want if you do it right (best not to go too low unless you have the battery, mod, and air hole for it though. 1.3-1.8 ohm though is good for this atomizer.

You need to buy some kanthal (need to buy from another shop or specialist vaping website or ebay).
I'd suggest 28g or 28/29 (0.3mm) for micro coils with cotton, or 30g if you want to stick with 2mm-3mm silica wick (can buy the 2mm wick here but often better quality elsewhere - can't buy the wire/kanthal or 3mm wick here though)

Current wick is burned because it's probably terrible silica. That's one of the reasons why I suggest buying it elsewhere. It shouldn't burn in a short time of use. You should be able dry burn it for cleaning or even try burn it with a cigarette lighter and it should not burn. But thats just poor wick quality as I said which is all you can expect for a prebuilt coil from here, most people throw them out without even using them.

Look up videos from rip tripper (he does cotton builds mainly), todds ecig reviews (only mentioning his name because he loves silica and you might too, otherwise he's not my fav), also pbusado videos has some builds (nothing special shown).
There's many other people, some just like the sound of their own voice and hardly show anything, others mainly do a lot of genny stainless mesh and wire builds so not applicable.
In short, google it, search and find youtube videos to help yourself out.