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Staff question about vapesafe fuse?
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#1 (permalink)      7/5/2013 9:14:47 AM   quote/reply + tips
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Staff question about vapesafe fuse?
Can Staff only please reply:

1. Do these include the Kamry safevape fuse that attaches to the battery?

2. Any chance Fastech will carry the fuse?

3. Any chance Fastetch will carry the Sigelei Kick Clone?

These mechanical MODs are much less safe without short circuit protection Kamry has added the mentioned fuse to new kits.
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#2 (permalink)      7/6/2013 2:29:13 AM   quote/reply + tips
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I seen the new kit w/ the safety fuse on their site too,only they call it a kick?
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Thanks for your interest. To answer your questions:

1) This version does not have a fuse attached.
2) We're going to look for the fuse.
3) We're working on the Sigelei Kick/Clone.

Edited on 7/10/2013 at 10:27 AM. Reason:
I'm not a CS staff but I help answering questions here. If I missed your questions, I apologize and you are not being ignored :).
#4 (permalink)      9/4/2013 12:01:22 AM   quote/reply + tips
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OMG bring the kick! Sigelei is not the best clone but, its a start. There are better clones with higher Watts for the same price at Alibaba;