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these work wonderfully as drippers
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#1 (permalink)      10/14/2013 7:46:28 PM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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these work wonderfully as drippers
hey guys, do you have a large collection of flavors? try this!

if you remove the rubber cap on top of the coils and reassemble the atomizer, you can use this as a dripper to sample new flavors. Once juice is dripped through the drip tip, the new juice will displace old flavor further down the wick.

I use 4 drops and can usually hit it 4-5 times until I can taste a mix of old/new flavor. After that, it's like a frankenstein flavor because I usually go through 10 flavors a day.

Sometimes I only want to vape a certain flavor for after meals and not an entire tank of it. This is great for that.

You can also pre-mix flavors in a rubber condom and pour it down the driptip to test.

maybe I'll buy a real dripper someday, but this is great for now.
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each to there own but... i think i will keep to sticking my "tadger" in a condom rather than knock e-juice up in it. lol
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You can do this with any atomizer. Just remove the caps to any clearomizer or "glassomizer" and drip e liquid. I would just use a dripper for this purpose.
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Good tip on the iclear 16 thank you.
Whenever I am home and vape I only drip.
Kind of as degustation.

My iclear16's have been unused for a while as switching flavors on a tank is a pain ( washing etc...), so this is a great suggestion.
I love the warm saturated vape on the iclear16 anyways.

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Good tip, Pdang! Don't mind the FT troll!
#6 (permalink)      11/20/2013 10:57:53 AM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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Cleaning out these iclear 16 are very easy... just take the drip tip off, take the outside clear tank off, and then remove the rubber thingy ontop of the head(which the OP suggests to remove for his dripping style), rinse all of the components off under hot water, especially the heads, then let it all dry for a day on a table top or similar, and also a good idea to dry burn the heads until no smoke/vape comes out of it. then just put it all back together and your good to go! just like new.

I have to do this for some of my juices(strawberry shortcake from MBV) its great flavor juice on of my tops, but it gunks up my coils every 2-3 tanks... but I just do that process, and it tastes great after every cleaning!