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Such a Shame its so ugly looking.
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#11 (permalink)      7/28/2013 12:40:44 PM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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The V4 has the body of the V2 but with the PCB of the V3.
#12 (permalink)      8/30/2013 10:15:36 AM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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🌜💫hmm looks don't really matter much when you can pimp out your vape with vape wraps and all that jazz these days.. But I would imagine the wraps wouldn't be as smooth with this spiral design 🌙✨
#13 (permalink)      9/14/2013 4:23:47 AM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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+1 details
Gogt the V3 in gunmetal & I love it!!! Luv the new design & luv the gunmetal. Design, performance & new screen & software R terrific!!! The new screen & its software were taken from The TESLA, which I love & have as well; the screw-off top ring is a fantastic idea, loosely taken form the iTaste SVD & it's crackin' super!

This mod rocks, kicks ass & is a great performer that looks awesome doin' it ;-)

Don't like it, don't buy it! I'm always suspect of ppl who yell so much & loudly about s'thng they say they don't like. Maybe they're trollin', waiting for someone to convince them they actually like it. C'mon, come out of the closet all U Vamo V3 lovers! 'Ts'okay, we won't tell no one ;-P