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confirmat on starter kit content?
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#1 (permalink)      2/7/2014 10:07:56 PM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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confirmat on starter kit content?
Can an owner of this starter kit confirm the exact contents please?

Is it just the mod and 2 iclears or is it the mod, iclears and 2 extra heads? Is there anything else I'm missing?

Also, is there actually a point in getting this kit? My maths tells me buying the svd on its own and 2 iclear 30s from FT saves me abt £2 and I get upgraded tanks. Am I right?
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2 iClear 30 tanks (with atomizers/coil) and 3 extra atomizers/coils total of 5

You also get 2 telescopic tubes whereas in the mod only you get one short tube.

I must warn you that either iClear 30 or 30s will double the amount of juice you usually vape as they are dual coils and suck down the juice. I usually vape about 3 to 5mls a day on a single coil tank but can easily double that using the iClear 30s.


1*iTaste SVD; 2*dual coil iClear30 atomizers; 3*Rebuild-able dual coils; 1*Short Telescopic tube; 1*Long Telescopic tube

If you are going to buy the iClear 30s mind you the atomizer heads are $2 more for a 5 pack and the tanks are about $1 more than the regular iClear 30.

The other kit may be better for you if you don't mind just having the single short tube (still works with 18650) and maybe start out with 1 iClear 30 to see if you even like them.

I do like the iClear 30s as they have great flavor/vaper but its 2 downfalls are they use a lot of juice and need to run higher watts/voltage draining the batteries faster. I'm happier with a single coil tank and using less liquid for about the same flavor/vaper.

The iClear I find I have to run at least 8watts to work right and 10 to 15 watts for best flavor/vaper but my single coil tanks (Vivi Nova) only 6 watts to be comparable.

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