Well, it's been about 6 hours since I stripped my battery and I haven't gotten even a hiccup from my SVD. I will continue to chain vape it tonight and tomorrow and I will post my results tomorrow evening at 8 MST. For those of you who are going to RMA your's back to FastTech it's a pretty painless procedure. They have an outstanding support group who will tell you exactly what to do and you can expect a replacement back in little more than a week. That was my experience. This all occurred a couple of weeks ago. I am in the process of RMA'ing my 2nd SVD but I'm holding off now that it seems to be working. I am removing the battery when I go to bed because I am anal about lithium batteries and fires. I don't charge batteries overnight either. And the only device I have a battery in overnight is my Innotek MVP cause it's permanently attached.