@GabyDu - Sounds like the same problem I had. The button just didn't work. I got an RMA and had a new one in 8 days (I live in Tucson, AZ USA). I had no problem getting a replacement BUT the replacement acted up on me. Same old story - the black on/off button did not work sometimes. VERY AGGRAVATING! Thanks to @lborrego I stripped my battery and am not having any problems. I simply ripped off the outer layer of plastic to expose the entire negative battery body. This made for a definitely grounded battery which is what I think half the problem is. Those telescopic threads are not your friend. I may be waaay off here but I don't think I was getting a good ground. I made this change a couple of hours ago and have been vaping away ever since. If I develop the problem I will re-post. Wish me luck. I never mentioned that I did not have a circuit board on my 18650 battery so all I really did was expose the ground just about everywhere. It makes no sense but that's my story. Your mileage may vary and if you don't have a clue then don't follow my directions - and that goes for everybody. I don't want to be responsible for your popped battery!