Thanks for the reply. Ohms I'm using are 1.8-2.7 @ 7 watts should equal the same as +- 4 volts. Can vape all the same tanks on ego twists 3.8-4.1 volts with no issue. Maybe I'll buy new batteries but won't expect and issue running high drain Panasonic's. I truly wish I was overlooking something but I do feel something is wrong with the unit. I'll see if I can pick up a couple different batteries. It works perfect about half the time but very very annoying shutting off or after 2 seconds button light goes out like not being pressed but if repressed works fine. Just not very enjoyable getting getting couple good puffs, than off than 2 second puff or 5 second puff, I don't know. Love it otherwise but can't use it this way. Thanks though.