Coil may be blown or shorted then. Or debris shorting inside tank or 510 thread .

Take the atomizer and remove it from tank and put tank on SVD (with out ATTY) and see if you still get 0.0a.
If you do then there may be something stuck in the 510 tread or inside the tank. Check all and clean. Try again on SVD to see if you cleared short.

If it doesn't show 0.0a and shows 9.9ohms then the tank is OK and there was a short in the atomizer . Try a new atomizer if you have one.

There is also the possibility the 510 center pin on iClear is to long and pushing your firing pin down to much on the SVD and shorting it. Loosen tank and see if it fires then (keep loosening until fires or the 0.0 goes away). It may wobble a bit but it just to see if center pin may be to long. I have gotten this with certain tanks and have adjusted or filed the 510 center pin down until it works .