Well I ordered the full kit anyway, I'm going to give the SVD one more chance. I'm looking forward to trying the iClear 30s they sound pretty decent from the reviews I've read.

I got my Express kit from FastTech. The first one was missing the spring in the center post connection and wouldn't make contact with half of my atomizers. The second one had a good center pin but after a couple of weeks the LCD shorted out, causing half the segments to stop working. Both had the black plastic LCD window, no mirror finish. I noticed a couple of subtle differences between the two, most noticeable was the top beauty ring. On the first one the threads were very short, and it fully screwed down with only a couple of turns. On the second one the threads are normal and it takes several turns to screw it down. Not a big deal of course, but it does show variation from unit to unit.

I agree with Hellhound, probably the older units have the grey mirror screen while the newer ones have the plain black plastic.

Harli that doesn't sound normal...how are you supposed to fix it? Maybe they are confused about the problem or something. Are you within the return window? I would ask again for an RMA. Customer Service has been outstanding with the two I returned.