hi, its very subjective what your actually asking, its all down to what you personally like = happy vaper :) but seens you have asked, lol,my settings are very similar to yours. its down to trial and error to finding your own vaping "sweet spot". just my own personal experience but ive found SOME "delicate/subtle" flavours eg liqua strawberry tasted better at low watts (around 6)... but some of the dekang tobaccos i vape i burn at higher watts (around 8-9) the flavour seems to come alive when burnt hotter for me :)

i must stress though that what will be good for one person..maybe awfull for another.. ive used the vaping chart above when i was first starting out as a guide..but then through own trial and error found my own settings for certain juices.

sorry i couldnt be of much more help, but your own vaping "sweet spot" COULD be very different to mine :)

so.. trial and error = urgh! ive just burnt the juice so turn it down on the settings or... ummm nothings coming out of my mouth/no flavour when i vape = turn up the settings :) my advice start LOW settings then work up ;)

regards and happy vaping :)