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Pre charged batteries?
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Pre charged batteries?
Are the batteries sent from fasttech precharged before shipped out? One company I've ordered from already has them charged in the package when it arrivees. I tested both my batteries and neither one lit initially so I'm charging one at the moment. I was wondering if they were supposed to be ready to use or not?
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In my experience, all batteries have come partially charged, which is the best way to store them.

I would imagine that FT sends them out as they come from the supplier, and that should be partially charged.

Normally they do not come ready to use, but you will find that some/most will work to some degree out of the packet.

As for eGo type batteries specifically, it`s been a while since I`ve had any, but I do believe that most have come with a minimal charge and have really needed to be fully cycled before use.

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