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amp limit on these things?
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amp limit on these things?
i just ordered one of these for a portable vape (my mech is a pain to haul around). i know these fire around 3.7v but does anyone know the amp limit on these ego clones? the authentic ego c twists are regulated and max out at 2.5 amps even if you crank the voltage up to 4.8v (someone correct me if i'm wrong), but do these clones have a higher amp limit? i want to use them with some 1.2 ohm resistors, which would be about 3.1 amps

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From my understanding you are correct about the 2.5amp max current limit on the Joytech eGo Twist. When P. Busardo reviewed a 650mah Joytech eGo Twist he pushed it with a 1.5ohm coil all the way to 4.8 volts but he tested it showing that the circuitry limited it to 3.75V for a 1.5ohm coil. Since 3.75V divided by 1.5 = 2.5amps, it is clear the authentic Joytech eGo Twists have circuitry to prevent going above 2.5amps.

From my summary of the battery nerd thread on ECF is that eGo style (aka clone) batteries that do not state any maximum current drain in amps should not be pushed more that around 2 amps. EGo style (clone) batteries are most likely to not have that voltage/amp limiting feature and can fail (including fire or explosion if the amp drain is pushed too far). They say to not use less than 2.0ohms for an unregulated eGo style battery which is 2.1 amps (4.2V divided by 2.0ohms = 2.1amps).

This battery has been commented on as being a regulated battery at 3.6V. I've seen and read of different regulated batteries (FastTech ones included) ranging from 3.6-3.8V. To get the maximum amount of wattage safely, you can can test each specific regulated ego battery with a multimeter when fully charged to determine the voltage and then build a coil accordingly using the above calculation. If not I would recommend do not go below 1.8ohms in a coil in a regulated 3.6-3.8V battery so that you can be sure it will not be drawing more more than 2.0-2.1amps.