cris_at_home wrote:

A charger does not charge & measure at the same time. It is constantly switching between charging & measuring what the current cell value is.

What make you beleive this ?

The basic things a Li charge controller need to do is:
- regulate the voltage(at all time)
- limit the current(in the first phase)
- stop charging when the current get below a pre-determine value.( usualy when current draw is < 3% of the charging rate)

Pass the first phase the controller DO NOT lower the current.
It is the battery that draw less and less current as the battery get more an more charged.

The controller is constantly monitoring the current as it charge the battery, to know when to stop but also to limit the current in first phase.
There is no such thing as "stop charging to read the voltage or the current".

You are right about the fact that different chargers might terminate the charging process earlier than others.
The pre-determines % of current value can be different from controller to controller.

The led blinking is only an attempt to give a visual of the charge state of the battery.