Ok i`m gonna churp in here as i have serveral of the 25cm lenght ones and can say after opening serveral (slighty different labels on back) that they range from excellent to down right crap (2 gone bad in under 48 hours due to faulty IC that gets stuck in one mode and has to be grounded to reset)

i also have two original ego chargers and serveral others and can only use certain ones with certain bats due to compatibility with the bats IC board.

so what i`m saying is its a try it and see type

I think FT should put on the bats and chargers a manufactures marker doesn`t have to identify the manufacturer but alongs the line of


usb charger ego
manuf: FTa1

usb charger ego
manuf: FTa2

battery 900mah ego

battery 1100mah ego twist

battery 1300mah ego


only FT would know the manufacturer identity but we`d have a way of identifing compatible stuff by using the manuf: code