Maybe FT was better quality when he bought it back in October as it seems to charge same way as his other charger does and you are describing(shorter phases). shrug

Also seems some get duds of these chargers which you may have gotten one of. So really it is hard to tell unless you have a few of the same one to see if it is an issue with just one or all of them.

Wouldn't be the first time FT has changed vendors or quality of the items sold here. >.<

But your right no one can tell without actually measuring the charger itself. I can only tell you the lights seem to work just like his original one did and that it does stop at full charge (4.19v to 4.21v to be exact depending on the battery KGO/EGO).

Not sure if cloned batteries might have something to do with it as he still has his original branded batteries Joyetech EGO and KGO SLB (Sailebao).