As I have posted long time ago, I have received two module versions, green (not stated at the product description page) and blue one.
The IC used are: green module - AM2107, blue - CE8301.
From two the green is preffered as it operates at higher frequency (lower ripples) and that is why the filter capacitor is small (ceramic).

"the input to the output current of 500 ~ 600MA with two AA batteries" - nope
"single AA battery power supply output current 200ma" - nope

According to datasheets blue version (the one shown on the photos, IC marked "E5") delivers upto: 0.9V input => 10mA output, 1.5V (1xAA) input => 160mA output, 3V (2xAA) input => 270mA output.
Green version: 0.9V input -> 0mA output, 1.5V (1xAA) input => 180mA output, 3V (2xAA) => 430mA.

"High conversion efficiency, up to 96%" - yes, "up to". AM2107 < 92%, CE8301 ~ 85%