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How do you apply this to your battery?
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It should be 32mm flat but when you swell it, should fit 18xxx batteries. Maybe they sent you the wrong item.

By the way, applying this on your batteries is damn easy. Just cut 5mm extra on both ends, slip the battery into it and flame it. Use a heat gun but if you don't have one, use the gas burner in your kitchen. Just move the battery over the "HEAT" of the flame. Don't shove it in the flames but move gently above the flames from left to right (or the opposite). This thing requires very less heat to shrink and stick. Don't worry much about the ends, they will automatically bend inwards because of the heat.

The only skill you need here is to cut the exact length you need to cover the battery and about 4 mm on the Negative and Positive ends.

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73mm of shrink wrap for one unprotected 18650 battery
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Good info Thanxx a lot