If all you need is a single bay 18650 charger, this one is pretty decent and cheap. If you need to charge more sizes, need 2 bays, and want all the "bells and whistles" (no literal bells or whistles), take a look at a review of the LiitoKala Lii-260. A possible downside to both of these is not fitting the taller protected 18650's, but I doubt that will be an issue for most vapers.

nerfologist wrote:

Most people seem to have a hardon for Nitecore but I have this SKU 1311002 and it is superb. Use several times a day and has been for month's without a problem. One to consider.

Have you read reviews of that on CPF? Not pretty.

I've been using a Nitecore I2 for over a year. Full charge voltage is consistent and it barely gets warm, but it is slow at 500mA. I'd rather it was a backup, if I get another 2 bay it will be a Lii-260. Someday I'll get one of these ML-102's to keep in the car/backpack, it seems to be a great travel/emergency charger/powerbank.