In three modes after power On - jump to the next mode.
Tried to short-circuit the driver when it is off. Does not help.
Problem not in the condenser.
If we consider that the microcontroller is write protected ... I do not recommend to buy...

I think I found the cause of failure.
diode (on the +) was not working properly.
As a result, the driver had stopped working.
I measure the voltage on the battery - 4.2 volts.
Measured at the power microcontroller (after diode) 1.8 Volt.

just have a defective driver

UPD. Nope. This is not because of the burnt diode. This is a problem with contact bounce. Driver is not protected against contact bounce.
In the driver selected Low Fuse 0x72 and need to be 0x7A

I recently ordered a lot of them and now are not satisfied :(