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Just FYI: Picture as of [2015-04-18] does not show the driver I reviewed
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#1 (permalink)      4/17/2015 9:59:00 PM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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Just FYI: Picture as of [2015-04-18] does not show the driver I reviewed
The driver I reviewed was a buck driver (step-down-converter).
Somehow in the meantime FT changed the picture, member Werner already pointed it out in the "Buck or boost" discussion.

The picture now shows a boost driver (step-up-converter) for one or two AA, virtually the same as SKU 1127402.
The description does not match it, as it is still the same as back when it was a buck driver.

Now we can only guess what they ship under this SKU...
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Oh, crap. I just threw this into a cheap-ass C8 clone with a nice NW XP-E2. (Throws like you wouldn't believe!)

Tailcap amps is a bouncy 600mA-800mA (can't get it to settle down), but the LED doesn't flicker.

Ironically, I did get a few of the 1-2 AA boost converters @ 800mA to use with a modded 2-AA Maglite.

Now I don't know *what* in Hell I've got in the C8. And I really don't feel like desoldering everything and trying to pry out the critter, probably destructively. It "works", for what that's worth. Don't know if it'll go pop anytime soon, though.

Think I should've just stuck with the one with 3 7135s on it...