Doing great, got some 18650 flashlights coming in tomorrow for night walks on the beach. Can't complain, things are good.

Where the hell is air?

Continuing to isolate? What, no corona I hope!

Where the Hell is Karen4worm? He's got all this stuff to say to me in other topics, now I made him his own topic and told him about it, but he is a no show... Guess he just wants to ruin other topics with pointless jabs. He is probably rummaging in a dumpster talking about how everyone is jealous of him. He will probably wait till I am asleep and then want to post, lol.

You should stay though V8, he thinks he can just be an asshole to anyone, it's going to be a good time. I think this is how we should do it from now on, just make whoever wants it a topic and chat there, no complaints about ruining some other old dead thread.