philipvdb wrote:

Only Panzer i know is the tube mod.Found it....

It was Think Vape, right? Yep, got it!

I remember it having a red/black colorway and it looked kinda cool, like a pre-Aegis style tactical vape.

Knowing what, and who, I know now, this 250c mod might be fun to revisit...One custom stabwood panel and one magnetized battery door would look awesome... Chris S., from CS Wood Designs is very affordable, and for around 220.00 total you would have a pretty sweet rig!

The stock battery door suffers from small magnets, just one top and bottom, slightly rectangular. They do not provide enough coverage or attraction, but luckily the entire inner panel is magnetic, meaning other magnets could be utilized in new panels.

Honestly, I've got too many mods in general, but dual battery? Yeah, I never use them any more.