I suppose if you have grown up with them.

I have a photo of myself swimming in the South Asia sea about 6 feet out in fairly shallow water. A family member called to me to come back in as we were going to dinner and took a photo of me standing up to come in.
After the photo was developed there is a shadow about 2 feet behind me that was believed to be a shark of some sort.

Nooooo, no interest in swimming anywhere near sharks.
Had the same issue in Negril trying to convince tourists not to swim at dusk or dawn but not because of sharks but jellyfish.

There was a reef around that island so sharks were only seen 1-2x.

Indeed when I lived here, I was friends with a large group of German tourists whom would fly back to Germany with surfboards full of ganga.
They never were arrested and surprisingly German customs never figured out that due to the island reef there was no such thing as surfing.

No, didn't have to worry about sharks.

Sharks here are all bark and no bite. 😁

Gotta run©. Oskar's play date time with his favourite female.