Gatok wrote:

It's strange, the bad taste is nothing I have experienced before, like machining oil or something like that. Could be the AFC plastic, who knows. A shame, because I love everything else about this atomizer (except the post system). I'll give it a couple more weeks before sending it to collect dust.

It could well be machining oil - the slightest trace can make the best attys product that goat dung flavour you. I've had the same problem with a Vandy Vape Berserker a few years ago. and, just the same, repeated cleaning didn't achieve much.

Eventually I put it in a cup of undiluted dish washing soap/washing up liquid overnight, then scrubbing with a toothbrush while repeatedly rinsing with fresh water immersing in a bowl of hot water got rid of the skank.

For an RTA you will need to change all the o-rings - if they are contaminated with oil they are screwed and will produce a bad taste.

I would also change the coil - any wires that are contaminated with oils can produce the same rank taste - even glowing the wires doesn't always burn it off.

I hope this helps.