analogueman wrote:

OneBadwolf wrote:
Sounds like it has already been 2 months, and still has not left China.
Oh I don't know about that.

Annie did say "The two packages were dispatched to overseas at the end of January", which tells me it set sail then after bouncing around China for a month.

Annie and one of the other customer service agents told me last November that both my packages had definitely left for UK, they even showed what they claimed was proof in a ticket. The truth was they had been bouncing around China for weeks and weeks, never once left China and had been delivered back to them in January this year. They still tried to stall things by saying they hadn't received them back even though I was looking at the tracking from China post and it said delivered. I said enough is enough and I was going to PayPal, around 30mins later suddenly they did have them back. The problem is FastTech see the tracking saying, handed over to airline/handed to forwarding agent for transit or whatever, and tell you that definitely means it has left China. But it doesn't, that only means it has been sent to the airport where it can still fail security checks and be returned over and over, like mine and plenty other people's orders have been doing, and this has been happening more and more since September last year.