analogueman wrote:


Ordered a few small bits 'n' pieces yesterday, only to find PayPal has finally caught up with my account - ironic given the latest PHE update on vaping here in the UK.

So a simple message to FastTech... you REALLY need to update your methods of payment, and sooner rather than later, or otherwise I too will be off elsewhere.

What did PayPal do? Send message, or just not allow a Fasttech purchase? I wonder if there is not a class action suit here somewhere. What if PayPal did not approve of birth control, and refused to process payment?

Or decided that Viagra was immoral, or alcohol? Anybody who returns to smoking, because PayPal terminated their access to Ecigs, a legal product, proven to be beneficial in reducing harm a benefit that was hindered, impinged, infringed or otherwise impeded, without any bonafide or lawful reason, and suffers harm as a result, should be able to seek damages because PayPal knows, or should reasonably know that their policies will likely have a negative impact on the health of their customers. More so if the reason given is arrived at without any supporting data,

I'm fairly sure that PayPal allows people to purchase ski tickets, climbing equipment and other materials that relate to inherently dangerous activities, so the arbitrary decision to place obstacles in the way of people fighting an addiction, and seeking harm reduction, appears, unless they can justify their position somehow, to be malicious, and which in no legitimate way furthers the interest of the public good.

Malicious acts, in civil law, irregardless of whether the act was lawful or not, are usually viewed in a very negative light by jurys, and the courts.

If PayPal allowed a person access to purchase insulin, but not Methadone it would appear to the average person, that PayPal is behaving in a biased manner, and as such, should be held accountable for the harm, loss, pain and suffering of those affected by their at best ignorant and irresponsible, and at worse, malicious and cruel actions.

What if PayPal decided not to process purchases of either the koran, or bible, but allowed Mein Kampf? Would they be accountable if the Brown-shirts became a problem?

Vaping may not be totally safe, but compared to smoking, it is much less unhealthy. All the science so far, is able to say, is that the long term effects of ecigs are unknown. The effects of cigarettes are known. Considering their minimal liability in processing payment for ecigs, a legal product, I'd be surprised if they felt strongly enough to risk a trial.