Thanks for those photos, anytime you can do a direct comparison is great. It definitely looks like both chimney and deck posts are Chinesium of the highest order. Of course, that may not mean a thing to you, or even to the vape quality in general. Much like others here, I would worry about the effects of heating this aluminum-looking compound, much preferring Stainless Steel. This is done as a cost cutting measure and is totally unacceptable!

I'm going to give you some advice, whether you want it or not, lol! ...Most clones of Low to Medium cost Chinese atomizers are bad, for one reason or another...There are a few winners, and they rise like cream to the top in time. Wait for reviews from people you've seen on threads , ask questions, whatever. I saw you posted some reviews - that's awesome, and you can help other users this way. I have given things good reviews only to have a problem develop after it's been posted...all you can do is write another review, you cant change a published review...I recommend that in this case, but that's your call.

The good clone makers (SXK, YFTK, Ulton, etc) rarely clone other Chinese-designed atties, instead choosing to clone limited-run, High-end, and/or super-expensive atomizers, that you may or may not be familiar with at this point in your journey. There are good atty clones that I think you would like, with excellent quality, like Fatality M25 or Juggerknot RTAs. Check em out! The quality is much better, almost authentic looking, and because it's made in China cheaply, you can pay 20 instead of 85 like the original.