FrankieS wrote:

FaisalAlroqi wrote:Hi, between dvarw fl dl Kayfun V5, scylla what's the best one for flavor. I vape custard and used haar rta but the flavor is muted. i vape like you RDL:)Scylla provides a touch less flavor than the other 2, but barely noticeable. However, it has a lot of innovations, and is an amazingly easy RTA to build. Dvarw and Kayfun v5 have many different characteristics. But they both provide very close flavor intensity, in my opinion of course. You couldn’t loose with either of the 3. If you like excellent flavor, juiceflow control and top fill Kayfun v5 is the right choice, and if you like a flavor chaser with many extras and options, and don’t mind the bottom fill, go with Dvarw. And for ease of build, top fill and operation, Scylla will be the right one. For custard flavors, Skyline is another excellent RTA choice, and one of the best. My most recent favorite RTA however, is the Avatar, or Avat in FT. It pretty much excels in all areas and beats almost anything I have tried to date. I have not tried Custard based flavors with it. But I am sure the vapers, who have could give you feedback if you are interested.

Thank you. I lean to dvarw fl dl but it's loud and noisy rta. is the other 2 same loud or smooth?