^ ^ Thats right. Now I recall the order of succession.

I purchased the Q class which came out just before the Q Mini. Loved that one but it gave out on me after 2 years, around the same time that the ML class finally began to, although it was a year plus older than the Q.

The M class, older than both by another year, kept on going although it was my least favourite.

When I first purchased this SL class I immediately disliked the joystick although I have come to terms with it but would have preferred an updated ML class with a larger 27100 battery.

I think that the G class came out shortly after they did a model with what looked like a spinner thingy at the top?! At which point I sort of shied away from their busier looking mods.

Toying with picking up that 18650 version, the one before the ML class. Maybe.