Many of the same here, the Dalmatian will back off from them and has become nervous of new dogs he meet. The Doberman does not, hackles go up and she will square up to them. Even in play she's a vicious bxxxh

Too early to say yet how this one will work out.

He was playing with another small black dog two nights ago. I heard him growl once which surprised me but they were playing so I just watched a bit closer.
Within a minute or two he turned on this black dog and started to nip at him. Had to pull him off and part them.

Most dogs he goes up to and wiggles along the ground in excitement, tail wagging, rolls over and just wants to play so not sure where this is going.
Could be that age. All of a sudden his puppy penis is often on display and it seems to have grown a lot the last two weeks.
I cant let him off leash in the parks as I did up until now unless I know the dogs present.

Female dogs were easier to understand. 😁

That's what loads of people say when they see him. " Oh, aren't you beautiful" " Thank you," says I "but can you also compliment the dog as he will get jealous"

More of the married women variety? 😛