viking65 wrote:

I have a shipment that just about to go on plane, just passed sort facility other day..2020-04-21 23:11Origin Post is Preparing Shipment -> We have received notice that the originating post is preparing to dispatch this mail piece.2020-04-21 23:11CHINA, ZHENGZHOU EMS, Processed Through Facility2020-04-21 14:10CHINA, ZHENGZHOU, Processed Through Facility2020-04-18 08:33CHINA, AcceptanceHopefully gets on plane in next day or 2Express epacket to USAFirst time it never made it to sort facility as did not pass a security inspection and sent back to FT, then reshipped.Original order was April 8th and then it left on the 10th, the first time.Have a second shipment that was order on the 14th but keeps going to restocking, now say ship date the 28thWas supposed to go out today though so maybe it still will, but doubt it.First order was a face mask and second was replacement filters for it.we will either be history or the pandemic will be over.I know right. lol

Hey V65, My filters are finally ready to Ship! It's about flipping time.