Diesel11 wrote:

Will I still shop here yep probably for certain things but will look elsewhere to get a better deal.

I don't know where you're from, but those of us in the USA and many other parts of the west basically only buy from fasttech for parts. They are the only vape parts store on the internet that I know of.

They have a large selection of not only glass tank tubes and silicone sleeves, but also other parts of tanks and such that you can't get anywhere else.

Nobody wants to sell vape parts. In fact, in the USA, it's hard to find wire and even cotton. USA vape retailers are ditching all their wire and cotton inventory due to the popularity of pods (which are largely not rebuildable). And if you want pre-built coils for RTAs, unless you want a specialty coil, you won't find it.

But for mods and tanks, FT prices have gone way up in the last 2 or 3 years such that you can get better deals from other retailers, both in china and elsewhere. They also don't carry as many clones as they used to and that was another reason to shop here.

Diesel11 wrote:

But do have faith it will be made right by anniepan.

Good luck. You are better off placing your faith in bunny rabbits saving us from the next asteroid strike. Anniepan is a customer service rep. She has no clout on price changes or influencing the pricing gods to be more honest. lol

Besides, even if you can prove that the price went up, the justification is "well, the cost went up".

Honesty? Meh, what's honesty these days? Merely a fairy tale of the past.