djvillan wrote:

Taifix wrote:
I would love to find out if the 22 mm version is of the same build quality - can you be so kind to post your feedback here?As soon as they arrive I'll be posting a comparison review.

I get better flavour results since I sanded the top cap inside to get of the black paint. This is why I ordered Karlos version in SS. I´m using the coils which came with the Recurve (with one wrap less).
The 24mm version is good so far but seems to work best with bigger coils (3,5mm-4mm) and higher wattage which is not really what I want.
If the 22 mm version is of good build quality and if the distance between the posts is less then in the 24 mm version I will definitely get one.
Could you please measure the distance between the posts?

Update: I just ordered one and take the chance

Update: Fasttech just listed new Reload S clones! Unfortunately no 22 mm version :-(