HI All of You again. - First af all thanks for the Photos by Viking65'.
Is there anyone who can explain what is this stupid ring? Never been in Dvarw. The difference between the v1 AND v2 IS ONLY THE AIR INPUT SIZE (WHICH IS NOT INTERESTING!) and the oval juice hole ! About the AFC heads. the 0.8 and 1.0mm similar than it was in the CE4 and CE5 age. - Junk but some one still like it. OK Buy it. For normal MTL usage the 1,2 and/or 1,5mm just fine nothing more ! Nothing more. This is my own opinion after 7years vaping from Hungary where the Dvarw was born. It's a very good construction and good Clones! Do not ask crazy questions please! I have the originals (also the DL) and all the clones. The best deal to buy is the 13.08$ edition. Except the PC tank!!! But + 2,60$ the PEI is a good deal if You use citrus and similar juices. - I've asked Anniepan to look after the manufacturer who made this PC tank...the material is not OK! (junk for vaping) that's why the original tank was ordered from an German company (... who knows it but after about 1 year still OK and no ruptured (crased) like this) All of the under eater tanks are in my drawer except this one ! It's in good price and hundred of Hungarians ordered (and got it) it from FT! Who could not buy the original in 8 times more price (because of the dealer! but not the manufacturer!!!) Dvarw clone is next to my favorite which is still the Nectar genesis clone from FT (4,5ml) (The original Nectar is made by the Russian vaper company) - Thanks for Your attention. - Have a good vaping. (PS: nem kívánom látni a fekete fórumon az aberáltak kommentjeit!!! - Bleki remélem Te is olvasod, aki kicsesztél légy büszke magadra !!!) - In English - I do not want to read this comment in dirty negative style in the Hungarian black vaper's forum... So sorry for my rather poor English! I've studied it only 1/2 year at school the experiance came in from my Californian and from Australian experience. I hope You understood what I'd liked to explain :-(