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gph61 wrote:

Mine is still in the mail. Thanks for the info. I thought the Tiny tank would be too short. Good to know it'll fit.

Saw your post about receiving the kit. Hopefully performance and battery life are OK for something this tiny.
I found a more elegant solution to the tank rattle than o-rings or tape. I sourced a sample of clear 2:1 heatshrink tubing (18-22mm, 0.5mm wall thickiness is good for 16mm tanks). A small length on the tank, where it meets the lip of the recess is invisible, snug and protective, especially on the acrylic part of tanks like the Origen Tiny Tank.

cilika wrote:

Thank you SabreToothBunny, that's splendid!

Good news to let @solksagen know too =)
And maybe in the near future they'd list the magnetic thingy separated too.

I have put in a product request for the 'GS Baby Magnetic Connector' but in the meantime Eleaf UK are kindly sending me one out due to my being misinformed about its inclusion by Eleaf themselves. The battery seems more appealing for those looking to use other tanks than those looking to replace the battery in their kits. I think Eleaf will lose some sales for not including the ring.

cilika wrote:

Wondering if a Fev mini fitted in it, after sanding off the knurling.

Hmmm... maybe, recess is 16.9mm but that's a fair bit of sanding you'll have to do. There are 3 knurled parts but you may also need to sand the grub screw at the airhole and possibly the locking nodule at the bottom. Also, the FEV mini I'm thinking of is 80mm long (with the huge drip tip). The recess in the Pico Baby takes about 34mm which means you'd have about 46mm sticking out of the top.
Using SKU 2051900 as an example:

Installed in the Pico Baby you'd be looking at nearly 100mm in height.
SKU 7462700 is good for sanding jobs like this, though I sourced mine for $2.4-something elsewhere about a year ago.