Randall_H wrote:

Billow V2 Nano glass does NOT fit Velocity V2 base. It does fit Velocity V1 base. Velocity V2 base is just slightly larger diameter for no apparent reason.


I 'm using a Velocity V2 base SKU 4656900 with billow V2 nano glass SKU 3597100 and it fits perfectly.
Just remove that ultra tiny grub screw INSIDE of the positive pin of the base and u're ready for squonking.

I had to grind the posts a bit because it was touching my Aeolus V1 top cap a bit,causing a short,apart from that it is fine.
I heard the Aeolus lite top caps fits fine without modifications.

Only 1 glass out of 10 was slightly smaller in diameter and didn't fit (but the inconsistency of glass tubes has nothing to do with the size of the deck)