We were told by Ms. Wong at Hong Kong Post that they are currently experiencing a typical 15-day delay for tracking numbers prefixed by "RT", in the pattern of RT#########HK. The alert that Ms. Wong delivered was a result of repeated complaints FastTech filed against packages shipped in the past one and a half months.

The "RT" tracking numbers represent the non-US shipping service that Hong Kong Post provides to local businesses. FastTech has been using this particular shipping for all non-US orders in the past year.

In light of this delay, FastTech is now officially moving away from Hong Kong Post's merchant services for non-US orders. We will stay away until the said delay resolves.

Almost all (98%+) unshipped orders that are on "Registered Airmail" shipping service will be re-routed to alternative services. The term "almost all" is used here because while all major countries are supported, not all countries around the globe are supported by these alternative shippers.

FastTech has also cleared account settings for non-US customers who have previously requested us to ship all their orders via Hong Kong Post. We have contacted these customers individually via e-mail to make them aware of this change. In the meantime, packages will get re-routed to Swiss Post, China Post, and Singapore Post.

Please note that USPS first-class (aka ePacket) packages will remain shipped via Hong Kong Post as it still yields the best delivery time for US customers.

Here is what's going to happen when you select the various "registered airmail" shipping methods during checkout:

Registered Air Mail
-> Shipped via Swiss Post, China Post, or Singapore Post. Decided by FastTech depending on order contents, at shipping time.

USPS first-class
-> Shipped via Hong Kong Post's ePacket/USPS service

Registered Airmail via Swiss Post
-> Shipped via Swiss Post

Registered Airmail via China Post
-> Shipped via China Post

Registered Airmail via Singapore Post
-> Shipped via Singapore Post. If there is cylindrical batteries, order will reroute to other shipping methods.

Please note that in some cases (we expect to be rare), FastTech may have to change your selected shipping method. In those cases, we will contact you and notify you of the reason and will offer you the chance to cancel your order within 48 hours. Should you choose to proceed shipping and there happens to be a difference in shipping fees, FastTech will refund you the difference.