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I suggest you ...
712 votes
Most vapers use theese.
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686 votes
As the title says. Carry flavoring, pg/vg bases and nicotine for do-it-yourself e-juicing fun.
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643 votes
Allow any amount of rebate points to be used as credit. Remove the annual expiration. "Rebate points expire annually, on the 10th day of October."
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519 votes
Fasttech is starting to sell alot of e-cigaret equipment, some remedies for building your own coils would be awesome! hope that fasttech wil listen to my request! :)
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388 votes
Seems a shame that you offer loads of rebuildable but nothing to build them with! It's be nice to see some mesh and wire to build these devices with.
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330 votes
There are many mixers in Europe and the USA who would buy it in any quantity up to 1 litre at a time if the price was as good as we can buy it now.
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288 votes
We need to be able to upload images of products for our reviews. This will be very helpful, we could post pics of the items, details of flashlights/bike lights (build quality, construction, driver pics), discharge graphs for batteries, etc etc. Its a very useful addition to reviews, pictures are much better than just text!
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282 votes
You currently offer packs of 50 o-ring seals for atomizers and drip tips varying in sizes from 8mm*6mm*1.0mm (OD*ID*W) to 24mm*21mm*1.5mm (OD*ID*W). This means that in order for anyone to obtain a range of sizes as spares they would have to spend $17.95 and they would be purchasing 400 o-rings (there are 8 different sizes and 50 o-rings in each pack). It is probably not worth your while to sell very small quantities. However, if you could create packs of 48 o-rings which contain 6 o-rings of each size, I reckon you could offer them for around $3.50 and you would still sell more o-rings. The price of the current 50 packs varies from $1.56 to $3.54 (at time of posting). The average price for 50 o-rings is $2.24375. So, if you implemented my suggestion you would make an extra $1.25 for every mixed pack of 48 o-rings sold. I do realise that this would involve a lot of admin (if you had to separate lots of existing packs), but I think it might be worthwhile. Please consider it. Thank you.
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270 votes
I would like to see some AW batteries in your shop
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253 votes
These are very convenient with large devices that can be used in "short" mode. Some of the favorite batteries in the vapin communiteh!
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225 votes
to be precise get the atomizer or cartomizer from boge(510 35mm and 45mm cartomizers) kanger(evods,protank,stick battery's) innokin(iclear16 and iclear30) and mods from sigelei(z-max v3 telescopic) smoktech(mechanical mods,RBA's like RSSST) Youde Technology (agat2,agr carto tank,igo-l Dripping Atomizer)
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221 votes
Would be good if FastTech could start stocking Flavour concentrates, like Flavor West, FlavorArt, FA, Capella, Signature, LorAnn. Be able to purchase all Concentrate flavours in one place.
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187 votes
I see you are carrying the sentinels - how about the nzonics ea clone etc? what say you
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170 votes
In the description ok each atomizer, give us the O-ring's sizes. Or a link o-ring's sku that fits Or a set of O-ring for each atomizer.
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166 votes
I would be happy to see how many items are in stock Less problems for both parts.
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162 votes
You sell the wick, but not the wire, I have to order already wired wicks and then unwind them just so I can get the wire. You cannot get the wire here in Taiwan and I have to order from the States which is too troublesome.
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149 votes
Looking for nic base for diy, i wish to make my own e-liquids according to my personal taste and nicotine strenght. Thanks in advance Fasttech
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117 votes
Please supply NOALOX, anti oxidant joint compound for use on our e-cigs
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110 votes
The shopping cart already works nicely (and with AJAX!), but a "move to your wish list" button (next to the "remove" button) would be a nice addition. Right now one has to bookmark a product manually (or add it to the wish-list manually) if he changes his mind and wants to buy it at a later date. Since wish-lists are already implemented, this change to the website code should be very easy.
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109 votes
There is no way to search the "I Suggest You.." area to see if an idea has already been suggested. Please add a Search box.
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108 votes
As you sell plenty of mechanical mods, please carry EVOLV KICKS : http://s-cigarette.en.alibaba.com/product/857862950-214933783/2013_sigelei_new_evolv_kick_for_telescope_mod_to_adjust_the_voltage.html
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104 votes
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96 votes
would like to see Efest Li-Mn batteries
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93 votes
being on the "I suggest you" - page, to check if something has already been suggested, it would be great to find a searching option there ! :)
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90 votes
There are a lot of duplicates in the suggestions list, and a lot of open suggestions for products that you are now actually selling. Please have an administrator spend some time closing all the suggestions for products being sold, and get rid of all the duplicate suggestions.
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