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I suggest you ...
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"comming soon" section next to "New Arrivals" so we know what will come soon to Your inventory.
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Please stock singelei's kick
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High End DIY Flavourings which are very well respected in the vaping community, selling these would tick another box to FastTech being a 1 stop shop which I think the vast majority of vapers is looking for!!!!!!!!!!
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Clone of kayfun. It semés To be gréât!
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they are so hard to find, and such an essential piece for people who rebuild atomizers. they aren't very expensive, but very hard to find here in the us. you won't be sorry if you can find and stock these.
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There are some things that I want to buy immediately, and others which I want to buy eventually. It's a pain to have to delete the "buy later" items from my cart to purchase only the "buy now" items, then to have to refind the "buy laters" and put them back into the cart. The "save for later" section should be designed in such a way that it can be easily sorted by price, category, etc. Also nice would be able to manually move items up and down the list, e.g., creating my own buying priority list.
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Please add the possibility of selecting the type of plug Euro / US, for chargers and other devices. If it allows the construction (in particular, when the cord is separated from the device). As well, in the future, I would like to see the Euro plug all chargers (tell the manufacturer.)
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Kayfun nano kitsfor use with the very very popular kayfun atomizers.
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This would make it much easier to browse for e-cigarette hardware without having to go through all of the e-liquid pages and pages! Thank You.
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This is a great update to the popular Kanger Protank! A lot of us vapers will be very pleased if you carry this.
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would love 2 c Sigelei items here
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makes for more sales, if its found here . . .
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I know the 2.5ml can be purchased at Fasttech, but a smaller one would also be good and be able to purchase the replaceable parts.
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This is a very useful tool especially when I can't test my 18500 remaining power in my Vamo v2. Not expensive at all,but most vendors in the US are out of stock!!!
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Hello. I looked that you have really big selection of XM-L. But it's possible to have also the newest XM-L2 U2, XP-G2 and XP-E2? And if you add also some in high 90 CRI, I think that lot of people will "pluck your hand" :D (I would write it on big forums like CandlePowerForums, BudgetLight and our czech Fotonmag forum ;) ) Another very favorite thing is copper star with soldering of LED directly on the copper. As you can see here: It really great increase efficiency of the LED and also it's possible to better "over current" the LED. Lonely PCB or already with LEDs (XM-L, XP-G...) would be also very great. The last thing is a service. On Kai-Domain they have service, that if you want, they will make drivers with your own mods. If you order more then 5 drivers, it's free. It's really great service. By the way the most wanted mods are 3 - Low-Mid-High (in this order) :) I hope that you will bring something. If you want, I will bring you more wanted things from word of flashlights fanatics :D
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Authentic Vision Spinner e-cig batteries are popular and are available in several different sizes and colors. You should sell a variety of different sizes and colors here on FastTech.
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Hey Fasttech, have you ever thought of making/selling FastTech T-Shirts ?? Perhaps your logo and the legendary blue screwdriver on it ?!! Sell it for a good price, or give it for free for bigger orders and your customers will do the promotion for you ... I definitely would buy / wear one :-)
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E.g. SKU 1357000 it is NOT a "Tobacco Tar dripping bottle" .. it is a "Ecig Liquid Dripping Bottle" ... the word "TAR" scares the living daylights out of some new "Recruits" to the Vaping World ...
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th russian 91% atomizer
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Hangsen New Flavors: HS Caramel Mocha | Piñacolada | Rootbeer Float | Hazelnut Coffee | Pineapple | Black Cherry | Greengage | Kiwi-Apple-Strawberry | Strawberry Mix Mint | White Chocolate | Australian Choc | Chocolate Caramel | Chocolate Cream | Chocolate Cherry | Chocolate Banana | Iced Cream | French-Vanilla-Ice-cream | Chocolate Strawberry | Cherry Coke | Iced USA Mix | Menthol Smooth
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It would be nice to know the PG/VG ratio or at least the base mix on e-liquids for those of us who have ratio preferences.
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