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Multiple Shopping Carts
OPEN      9/16/2015 2:05:40 PM
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Idea: Multiple Shopping Carts
So I can build up a cart with all items that will ship immediately, one where all will be ready to ship in 7 days, etc. Need to move items between carts as the shipping status changes. The Wish Lists don't work well for this, but if you could easily move all items in the cart to a wish list, and move all items from a wish list into the cart, that would be close.
Comment #1      2/6/2016 3:19:48 PM
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I just added a suggestion for a search filter, "ships in 24 hours" which I think would do the same only more efficently. Organizing by shipping date is frustrating and useless since those dates change frequently. I agree that something needs to happen to make it more user friendly.
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