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Add Hangsen Tobacco Conentrated Flavorings to your e-juice listings.
OPEN      11/7/2014 2:34:47 AM
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Idea: Add Hangsen Tobacco Conentrated Flavorings to your e-juice listings.
Comment #1      10/6/2015 1:08:14 PM
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Agree!!! 5+++
Comment #2      1/1/2016 3:51:48 PM
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Yes you have just listed 4 Hangsen concentrated hope this is just a start. There is another or maybe many flavour companies it China I use a lot from a Canadian site DIY ejuice but they are just called Super concentrated Alcohol Based Chinese Flavorings. Super concentrated. 1-3% mixing strength.
Comment #3      2/6/2016 2:10:23 PM
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+1OO for Super Concentrates!!!
They are based in China and the markup on them is high. Both Vaping Zone and Bull City Vapors retail them in the states. The manufacturer doesn't sell retail.

Also Baker's flavors from Russia. Also hard to get in the states and there is no current distributor. FT would have an exclusive since the only other distributor is German. Otherwise they need to be purchased direct from manufacturer and frequently they shut down retail sales, preferring wholesale only. The flavors are excellent and mix rates are 1% or less. Highly concentrated.
Comment #4      6/20/2016 7:53:30 AM
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I agree 100% my go to is tobacco and Hangsen are leaders imo,, not tried the SC as i would have to import them from the USA or OZ to UK so atm its not worth the extra cost. With the TPD looming over Europe it would make sense to DIY more juice and order concentrates without any nicotine present. If FT added Hangsen essence and Super concentrates to their line it would almost be a one stop shop for me ;)

Heres hoping *crossed fingers*
Comment #5      1/24/2017 4:15:28 PM
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+1 Trillion....
as well as
Flavor West.
Flavor Art
Comment #6      8/26/2017 5:18:00 AM
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PG based flavor concentrates would be a welcomed addition to the line of liquid products on offer.

Comment #7      1/16/2018 8:24:20 AM
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Fasttech has a some concentrates called hangda, has anyone tried them yet?
Comment #8      3/17/2018 12:10:31 PM
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+1000. i'd purchase a liter of hangda/hangsen concentrated essences. highway, arabic, flue cured, virginia, indian, magic mix, etc.
as there are not european distributors now, fasttech could sell a ton of these essences.
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