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Add a "save for later" list within the shopping cart.
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Idea: Add a "save for later" list within the shopping cart.
There are some things that I want to buy immediately, and others which I want to buy eventually. It's a pain to have to delete the "buy later" items from my cart to purchase only the "buy now" items, then to have to refind the "buy laters" and put them back into the cart. The "save for later" section should be designed in such a way that it can be easily sorted by price, category, etc. Also nice would be able to manually move items up and down the list, e.g., creating my own buying priority list.
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use the wishlist function then. it's quite easy
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You can also use your browser's bookmark feature ... :)
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That's what the Wish List is! You can even make more Wish Lists.
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or so we can do different projects in our cart/ dont have to buy everything in the cart at once i had to delete stuff to checkout now i cant find it
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Stick everything on wish lists first-
perhaps categorise them-
after u've bought something- delete from wish list.
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i use the wish list for that mi do what the above post said
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I use the Wish list also
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Wish list isn't the same as saved-for-later. Some shops have both, and while I tend to throw anything I like on the wishlist the saved-for-later-list is a lot shorter and filled with things that I am probably going to order soon.

They are rather useful.
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No no. I have orders ready to buy in the next few weeks, but then I need something in a hurry. I have to dump all my items, he's right, an option to buy only marked items would be ideal. I'd like to be able to have more then one shopping cart and be able to move items from one to another. I use my wish list, but I pages upon pages of items, it gets too hard to follow a wish list.
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How can I save my wish lists? I'd like to wheel several different lists without having everything in one spot. It can get quite messy.
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