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Clean up the suggestions list
STARTED      10/9/2013 5:23:18 AM
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Idea: Clean up the suggestions list
There are a lot of duplicates in the suggestions list, and a lot of open suggestions
for products that you are now actually selling.

Please have an administrator spend some time closing all the suggestions for
products being sold, and get rid of all the duplicate suggestions.
Comment #1      2/20/2014 6:53:11 PM
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HAHA I was just going to make this as a suggestion as I was trying to read through the suggestions. Soooo many are duplicates because people are too lazy to read through them and then there are quite a few products that have been added that were in the suggestion list so it needs to be removed. Maybe a button to report duplicates and ones that are no longer needed.
Comment #2      8/7/2014 12:31:31 AM
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Or allow to categorizing/tagging them to easily find existing suggestions before we create duplicates. It would also be easier to find duplicates afterwards.
Comment #3      8/30/2014 3:54:07 AM
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Hi phaddon. Thank you for your suggestion. We are on this now.
Comment #4      3/17/2015 6:23:58 AM
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But, please combine the vote numbers before deleting duplications ;)
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