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Give a price guarantee
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Idea: Give a price guarantee
Give a price guarantee, if before I receive a product, and price falls, then you give some credit. I just received my 2nd Qi charger.... and when I check the website, the price has dropped $3, makes me feel, that wait for sometime to order anything.
Comment #1      5/19/2013 8:06:57 PM
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Then wait for it. They could find a new supplier or order a bigger quantity and get a lower price that way - and you would demand partial refund for *old item* from previous batch.
This idea is useless imo.
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A lot of companies do offer a price guarantee. It's not useless because most people don't go back & check out the prices of the items they previously purchased. When they do it's often not worth the hassle of getting a refund over some change. By offering such a guarantee it makes the buyer feel more comfortable, especially with a high priced purchase & makes them feel like the company cares. It's all about perception. As well, it pushes people to buy now rather wait & risk losing the sale all together and if a person is coming back to check out the prices after the purchase they're likely to make more purchases! It really is a good sales technique, that's why so many big name companies offer it. IMO & those in charge of marketing for top companies across the world, it's a good suggestion.
Comment #3      11/28/2014 2:57:57 AM
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how to use the qi charger to my iphone 5s
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Price guarantee ftw
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i think this is a great idea, If i have to wait 21 days for my item to arrive, i would hope it wouldn't drop in price. Price promise would need to end at the last day of delivery window (even if it has not arrived at its destination) due to there needing to be a cut off point.
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There would have to be firm and definitive limits to this plan, if it were to be anything but a disaster for Fasttech. Certainly they could not be expected to be offering rebates to people that received an item three months prior to a price drop. This would only serve to dissuade FT from ever lowering prices. Also to be taken into consideration is that it's very likely that with a new item, the wholesale cost may be higher for the first batch purchased by FT, thereby necessitating a proportionately higher retail cost. If the item then becomes a big seller, and FT decides to buy a second batch of them and pays a lower wholesale price, they generally seem to lower the price we pay. However, to offer a rebate for the difference between the lower and (older) higher price would mean that FT was essentially giving away part or all of their profit from the first batch. No sane business would engage in such a practice. Not only would it be bad for FT, it would ultimately be bad for us.
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