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I suggest you ...
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"comming soon" section next to "New Arrivals" so we know what will come soon to Your inventory.
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There are some things that I want to buy immediately, and others which I want to buy eventually. It's a pain to have to delete the "buy later" items from my cart to purchase only the "buy now" items, then to have to refind the "buy laters" and put them back into the cart. The "save for later" section should be designed in such a way that it can be easily sorted by price, category, etc. Also nice would be able to manually move items up and down the list, e.g., creating my own buying priority list.
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as the forums are now "Hotting up" with Me & Viking65 & e_smoke & others adding & answering questions EVERY DAY ... it is rapidly becoming a necessity for the above members to Communicate with each other (out of site from the main forum)
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makes for more sales, if its found here . . .
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The title says it really - allow us to archive our completed orders - or at least Flag the ones that are fully completed with a tick symbol or something similar, so we can easily disatinguish which are complete and which are not.
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Reviews should only be allowed by verified owners and users should be able to award kudos to reviews not just discussions.
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Browse, order, track, review, upload pics
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I add items to my wish lists as and when I spot them. This means they can be a bit of a mess. I would like the ability to manually re-arrange items (e.g. "drag and drop") so I can put similar items together, or to sort them by price and description.
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There should be the option to narrow a search by the actual width of the item. This seems to pertain more so to the e-cigarette community, however it might be useful in other instances.
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glass bottles with forceps for homebrew eLiquids in unique styles and colors. would be amazing!
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Especially filtering SIZES of products; I'd like to be able to find atomizers the same diameter as my mods. Or DRIP TIPS! I'm tired of browsing thousands of them and clicking on one I like just to realize it was too small or too large. Browsing huge categories can be a real pain. Thank you!
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at the left side put an option of 1:1 clones so we can choose it easy and dont search for hours
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A Reo Clone or another popular bottom feeder box MOD (mechanical or variable wattage).
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A kit that consists of a 7mm x .5 tap and die so we can repair our 510 threads instead of having to buy whole new setups.
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make some option like dilute in PG,VG, with throat hit or not its hard to obtain Nic around my area, could you please supply it? thx very mery much
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Sure you will have a hit with a bottom feeder boxmod like reo or other
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For all pre-wrapped coils, with and without wick, measurements listed in the specifications section of the description should be uniform and standardized, and labeled in such a way that is more informative than the basic "length, width, depth" model that is currently employed. All dimensions should be in the specification section, not scattered about, as they seem to be now, or missing completely, as they are with some items. Dimensions listed should be labeled as follows, in quotations [" "]: "Wire Diameter" (in mm and AWG, if applicable) "Coil ID" (inner diameter) "Coil Length" "Lead/Leg Length" "Resistance" (it should be noted whether the resistance value includes the whole of the lead or not.This is only relevant to full resistance wire, not NR-R-NR coils) "Coil Spacing" or "Wire Spacing"(indicating the space between the wraps of wire, or at least label as 'loosely coiled or tightly coiled as was done with some items "Weight" (of a single coil, not the package quantity) This would be much more informative and certainly less confusing, especially for those customers that are new to buying wire and wick and wrapping their own. This is a daunting task for some, and it need not be made more intimidating by having to wade through and decipher inconsistent, unclear, or incomplete product information. Also, the specific grade of wire should be prominently stated, such as Nichrome 80, 70, 60, as this is yet another source of potential confusion. This also applies to non-coiled wire, i.e. wire sold on spools, in rolls etc. PLEASE UP-VOTE IF YOU LOVE CLARITY!!! THANKS!
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I don't know about anyone else but my wish list has 6 different lists with maybe 20-50 items in each. Now I know I have brought some of the items and yes we could just look at our orders but I have 3 - 4 version of some items. So even just a simple little bag icon or and tick or something.
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Best thing ever for beginners, but, FastTech, please search for a supplier, who offer the GT-V2 Base with this Adapter installed. I bet, this will be the burner, because, beginners, not really confident to build their coils, can use any gt-T V2, to interchange them, without buying a bunch of Equipment, until the first coil is realized. Once its done, anyone can give the base to another friend start vaping, without worries. Only thing needed then is a GT-T V2. so please Fasttech - try to offer this thing !!!!
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I often open tickets about compatibility between items. Why not to have a consumer filled compatibility matrix that indicates what SKU fit with what other SKU ? Especially for items that don't come from the same provider where the official response is "not compatible" but fit perfectly.
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squonking box mod geyscano 50w box